FOR the people, by the people IN GOD WE TRUST

Kingdom Mans’ Service, Inc

IF ALL could Walk this earth in carnal/spiritual balance, at peace; positive beings that LOVE the rest of existence, eternal life is achieved as we loving NURTURE all creation as self.

Mission and Activity

Kingdom Mans’ Service, Inc’s goal is to put unity back in the community; one project at a time. By creating neutral ground arenas for the people to have open discussion and a sharing of ideas and knowledge, issues can then be addressed by the citizens, so that they bring growth to the areas they live in.


Presently, KMS, Inc. is seeking a location for the KMS growth, recovery and awareness meetings to occur and/ or a residential asset, to be used as a meeting arena and living assistance location.

  1. The Awareness Meetings are intended to unite area 501c3 organizations so they work together, an empowerment tool for the betterment of the communities they serve (monthly)
  2. Growth Meetings are for area residents and assisted living clients to prepare their plan of action and discover ways to make the achievement of their goals easier. (weekly)
  3. Recovery Meetings will be for those whom are alcohol, chemically addicted or in the process of putting their lives back in order after whatever tragic situation they find their selves trapped in.(daily)

When the model outreach center is built two of the commercial sections in the location will be supplied to existing 501c3 organizations to operate from. There will be no retail rental fee! KMS will initially occupied one of these in each location; until the foundation is established!  As the aforesaid actions happen within each development, growth and self empowerment to citizens will occur.


 KMS Fresh Start housing projects will also happen as funds allow, giving assisted living quarters to help those in this kind of need, clients will attend growth meeting as they work to put their life back in order, thus becoming productive citizens. Depending on that areas community need, a decision will be made as to the type of KMS Fresh Start asset that is established in that developmental project arena, be they assisted living to home ownership, halfway houses, veteran or elderly care, treatment and any other type of program which complies with federal rules and is an agreed decision by the KMS executive board of directors.


 Kingdom Mans’ Service, Inc. has a vision to create a perpetual community development effort, which builds self sustained, green energy producing, community outreach and assistance locations. These are networking arenas for area residences to unite in efforts that address each locations needs, while putting unity back in the community, one project at a time.

This effort is in its infancy as it begins again to serve, assist, unite and empower the people. KMS. Inc. has established, “The KMS Developmental Trust”, which will continually invest in the community, as it builds and manages these commercial and residential assets. KMS projects will establish positive neutral ground arenas for the people to act and interact from, each containing meeting rooms that can be reserved by local organizations or members, areas in which the KMS group meetings will occur and presentations of the new green technology and manner that KMS uses in the creation of these living projects.

Three local members will be appointed at each location, to act as an assistant board of directors, keeping the Executive board up to date on location needs, issues, board or area resident suggestions, as they supply the management and maintenance required for operation. It is envisioned that these locations will be green energy producing assets.

The Custom Craftsman, Michael Chandler, acting as general contractor will utilize green energy production components in a combined application as the KMS Outreach Centers are constructed. Research and development must occur as these technologies are applied in an approved and safe manner. When KMS, Inc. is active, we are hopeful that by this joint effort of establishing these type of developments; jobs are delivered to both clients and residence of the areas that KMS locations are formed in, truly making the world a better place.

KMS believes that in time others will join forces and multiple projects will begin to happen simultaneously, that a truly united effort occurs in project areas making our neighborhood residences more involved in area issues and aware of community needs. We are hopeful that a positive ripple effect begins to occur and that our world is a more loving place; that the fear and doubt of the American people is alleviated and they begin to make their communities better. At the present time, a web presence is being formed; as I search for the needed individual(s) or corporation(s) to handle the founding of this effort and creation of a MOSES system, a Multi Operational System Exchange Server. The permanent domain shall be www.kmscdc.org, which is a virtual networking member based site.