Look at the state of our world… The End Times, unfolding before your eyes!

Please, become a member and help establish this Kingdom Networking Effort… being AWARE that this site will continually evolve, and that it is here for it’s members!

Create your presence, invite friends, donate to “THE KMS DEVELOPMENTAL TRUST”, request for the components you want to see added to the site, sell your products/services or, KMS’s; starting with, “i am GodS'” commitment bands; earning income and a tax write offs, as purchases, are trust donations! We each build our kingdom, which are part of THE KINGDOM!

Faith without works is DEAD

FOR the people, by the people


Kingdom Mans’ Service, Inc
A 501c3 Green Energy Research  & Community Development Corporation

Kingdom Mans’ Service, Inc. has a vision to create this perpetual community development effort, which builds self sustained community outreach locations, once established, projects shall be scheduled by the region containing the most members. Combined with this web presence, a networking arena will be created and together  we can address our community needs. Let us ALL be still, knowing that GOD is LOVE, which inhabited JESUS by his choice! HE then walked in the TRUTH which became THE WAY to eternal LIFE!

Normally, businesses or web sites are created to gain profit for the founder. This one is established to fund a Developmental Trust which continually builds positive neutral ground arenas for the people to act and interact from.

KMS, Inc an infant founded by a simple craftsman, not a technological human, whom gives all he is to The Truth in LOVE. Any financial activity on this site will generate a donation certificate, as you are donating to the KMS developmental trust.

May God bless you and yours as HE grants you peace and the desires of your heart; for your obedience to THE TRUTH, as we TRY to meet n agreement to care for this earth and each other…

KMS welcomes ALL humankind, not being responsible or liable for any members statements or actions, yet monitoring of the site will occur and Removal of ANYTHING negative will be done when recognized.

KMS, Inc. strives to unite the people, empowering THE positive forces of our world; as it acts in assistance.

PLEASE… as an active member in this living adventure, help me/help you and TOGETHER we will put unity back in the community; one project at a time!